Cleveland State University permanent art installation,"Growth of Potential" by artist
Koryn Rolstad

poems by Terry Borchers, Bonnie Jacobson, Diane Kendig, Scott Minar, Natalie Catania Nelson, & Linda Goodman Robinar

In the center of the atrium,   hangs a mobile of red and orange geometric shapes,  with silvery leaf shapes, all of which reflect differently at different times of the day and from different places in the building.

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CSU mobile

CSU mobile1

On the first floor, Rolstad has mounted seven plaques, one with her bio and her statement about the installation, followed by a plaque for each of the poems, with the full text of the poem and the poet's biographical statement. To the right Rolstad's statement on the installation and her own biographical statement.



The poems are mounted on the walls at various places throughout the building. These poems, relating to the nature of the Cleveland are, were chosen by the artist from the anthology, Voice of Cleveland, published by C.S.U. in 1990.

Scott Minar's poem, "That Same Whirling Motion of the Thrower"

Minar reading
Scott reading his poem

Borcher poem

Terry Borchers' poem,
Cleveland Midnight:
The lake hums
Its own slow waltz

Funded through
Ohio's percent for art program
See also the Ohio Art's Council

Photos from the formal unveiling at C.S.U.
October 13, 2006

To see a press release on the project, click here.  

Natalie Catania Nelson reading,
Koryn Rolstad saying, "I could talk about this project till the cows come home."
(Artist's homepage)


Diane Kendig in front of  "Ghazal on Lake Erie in Winter"
Dean Scherer, of the C.S.U. Nance Business College, first conceived of having art here.
Dean Scherer

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